How to install iviewTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield? -2022 Update


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IPTV (Internet Protocol television) can let you easily enjoy your favorite shows, movies, cartoon channels, sports, and news and much more anytime, anywhere you want. IPTV service would be greatly helpful if you have moved to a new place and want to watch old content in your native language.

Nvidia Shield is one of the most popular android boxes out there in the market. If you own one, you can easily connect it with your IPTV subscription from an IPTV provider for unlimited entertainment. It instantly runs nearly any format of downloaded movies and shows. In this post, I’m going to cover how to enjoy iviewTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield

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How to use iviewTV Service on Nvidia Shield?

Nvidia shield runs on the Android operating system, and iviewTV is also a stand-alone Android application. It means iviewTV would be easy & fast to set up on Nvidia Shield.

To watch iviewTV on Nvidia Shield, just need to follow the three steps below:

Step1. Get a subscription or free trial.

Step2. Install iviewTV app on Nvidia Shield.

Step3. Activate the IPTV to release permissions.

How to get a subscription or a free trial?

If you’ve never purchased IPTV before then there are three types of subscription services or free trials you can purchase.

#1, Open the iviewTV Store. ( website link:

#2, Click the Subscription button on the top menu.

#3, There have 3 types of IPTV Subscription Packages, please choose your favorite IPTV plan

#4, Fill in your information as required, But if you want to purchase a subscription service, you need to create an iviewTV account to purchase it. if you just want to get a free trial, you will not need to fill in your credit card information

Click here to learn how to create an iviewTV account.

#5, When your order is submitted, the system will send the IPTV subscription activation code to your email and your store account. Please find the code in My account-My order-IPTV CODE.

Note: Get IPTV trial code – 3 types of IPTV subscription all have 3 days free test service, the system will auto send IPTV Subscription/trial code to your email or Website account. See ‘SKU / IPTV CODE’. This is your Activation Code needed for the app after it’s installed on your device. You must enter the code into the app, this will connect the app to the iviewTV IPTV service, making it easy for you to watch TV online.

To install iviewTV App on Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield is an Android-based digital media player and hence the interested readers can easily install the IPTV app on their devices from Google Chrome. Before sideloading or installing apk from the browser, need to make sure to enable Unknown Sources.

Please follow the screenshot tutorial below:

Step1: Turn on allow Apps from Unknown Sources

#1, Turn on the Nvidia Shield home page, click the “Settings” icon, and then choose “Security & Restriction” from the menu.

Security & Restriction

#2, Choose Unknown sources and turn on the toggle.

turn on unknown sources

Now, your Nvidia Shield is allowed to install the third-party app.

Step2. Install iviewTV app on Nvidia Shield.

#1, Launch Google App Store and search for Downloader.

search downloader

#2, Click on the Downloader icon and then press Install.

install downloader

#3, When it is done downloading, click “Open

open downloader

#4, Launch Downloader and allow access to all media files.

allow downloader to access all media files

#5, Enter the iviewTV IPTV download link to download the correct apk version you want and click on “Go“.

There have three versions of the download link:

iviewHD Plus App(Red):

iviewHD Plus Sub-Device App:

Here take iviewTV Plus as an example.

enter iviewTV app download link

#6, Once the download is completed, click “INSTALL” the app.

install iviewTV app

#7, When the iviewTV app is installed, click “OPEN

open iviewTV app

That’s it, the installation of IPTV on your Nvidia Shield has been successfully completed.

Activate the IPTV to release permissions.

#1, Launch iviewTV IPTV on your Nvidia Shield device. Then click “Settings

The setting of IPTV

#2, Input the IPTV activation code to release the permissions.

input the iptv code

Congratulation! You can watch iviewTV streaming on your Nvidia Shield 24/7 on the go.

This is the easiest way by which you could watch your favorite IPTV channels on the Nvidia Shield. Carry out this simple method and watch your favorite content without any trouble. Want more details on the setup? Leave a comment below.

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What’s iviewTV IPTV?

iviewTV is a High-quality IPTV Smart subscription provider with many years of experience, they have a playlist of more than 1000 Live channels in full HD and SD & VODS of updated movies and series. iviewTV IPTV servers are efficient and stable which will ensure you better quality when watching channels in HD with zero buffering.

The features of iviewTV

  • The most stable IPTV in the world, with no freezing and buffering channel
  • Over 10years of Experience in Team Support!
  • 1000+ Live channels, 3000+ Movies
  • 3Days Free Trial Available!
  • 7 Days Catch UP (Playback)
  • Grid EPG, Classic EPG
  • DIY Recording (Cloud PVR, saving in the server)
  • For 2nd/3rd/4th devices, suggest using the Family Package, saving 60% OFF!


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Frequently Asked Question

What channels does iviewTV offer?

The iviewTV offers more than 1000 live channels and 3000 movies for the USA, United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, countries, etc. Such as BBC, EFL, ITV, BT Sport, OTE Sport, Nova Sport, ZA Sport,  etc channels.

What devices can this service be installed on?

iviewTV IPTV can run on Android devices like Android Smart TV, Samsung Phone, PAD, Tablet, Android TV Box, FireStick, FireTV, Shield TV, NVIDIA SHIELD box, Formuler OTT, Formuler TV Box, Enigma2 DVB Box and so on.

What are the payment methods?

We accept Visa and Master credit cards and Debit Card. If you want other payment methods, please contact us.

Can I use VPN? Or have to use VPN?

You can use VPN or not, both are OK

Recommended IPTV Internet speed?

We do recommend the internet speed is above 4Mbps(4Mbps for download and around 1Mbps for upload), so can watch the channels smoothly without issues. Frankly most homes in Europe, the internet speed is better than 4Mbps. Also, you can check here at to see your internet speed.

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