How to install Family4K App on Android or Firestick?


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Family 4K App is a free IPTV player available on Android devices or Firestick devices with a Family4K IPTV subscription. But how to install Family4K App?

Features of the Family 4K App

install Family4K App
  • Easy installation and setup
  • No ads
  • Fast channel loading
  • Live TV, Movies, and Series categories
  • App supports EPG
  • Multiple internal video players
  • View grid or TV channel listings
  • Ability to record live TV and other features

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Family4K App on your Android device or Firestick device.

First, I need to briefly introduce the Family4K App, which is available in two versions, Family 4K and Family 4K Pro.

What is the difference between Family 4K App and Family 4K Pro?

  1. The icon color of both IPTV App is different, Family 4K is white, Family 4K Pro is black.
    Family 4K App’s IPTV subscription login method is IPTV activation code, while Family 4K Pro’s login method is username and password (compared to Xtream Codes, this login method does not need to fill in the server url)
  2. Family 4K Pro has all the advanced features of the IPTV App and does not require any additional cost to use.

How to install Family4K App on Android Box, TV, and Phone?

Family4K App is available on all Android devices, and the good news is that Family4K App is available in the Google Play Store on these Android devices. This makes it easy to download and install.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your device
  2. Type Family4K in the search bar, you will see two versions of the App, please download Family 4K Pro (all premium features are free to use).
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

You can also install Family4K App to your Android device by another method.

  1. Go to Settings, choose Security and enable Unknown Souces.
  2. Then open your Android device’s browser and enter the following link.
    Family4K App (activation code version):
    Family4K Pro App (free premium version):
  3. The App will be downloaded directly to your device, then click to install.

That’s it, Family4K App has been installed on your Android device.

How to install Family4k App on Firestick

  1. Go to the Firestick’s settings, then click My Fire TV>Developer options>Click “Install unknown apps”>Click ” Turn On “.
  2. Download Downloader App: Go back to the home page, type Downloader in the search bar, then download and install it.
    3.Open Downloader App, enter in the address bar and click Go.
    Wait for the download to complete and select Install.
  3. Click Open after the installation is finished, and then set your IPTV subscription information.

How to activate IPTV on Family4k App

  1. Open the installed Family4K App or Family 4K Pro App on your Android device or firestick device.
  2. If it is the Family 4K App, you only need to enter the ten-digit activation code to use it. Note: The activation information can be found in your subscription email.
  3. Enjoy and watch your favorite live channels or VOD movies and series.

You can check this introduction about Family4K IPTV to find out what other surprising features the app offers.

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What is the difference between Family4K App and Family4K Pro App?

The login method is different, Family4K uses an activation code to log in, Family4K Pro uses a username and password to log in.
Family4K Pro can unlock all advanced features.

Is it free to install and use the Family4K App?

The Family4K App is an IPTV player that is free to download but does not provide any content itself, you will need a Family4K IPTV subscription to use it and all premium features are available at no additional cost.

What devices does Family4K App support?

Family4K App is a standalone application developed based on Android and can be used on all Android devices, Firestick and Nvidia Shield. It can also be used on a PC by way of an Android emulator, but the app does not support iOS.
If you have a Family4K IPTV subscription, we recommend you to use GSE Smart IPTV or IPTV Smarters Pro.

Can Family4K App use other IPTV services?

Family4K App provides a multi-user function, you can add other IPTV service subscriptions by way of Xtream Codes.

Does Family4K IPTV offer live channels from Australia and Ireland?

Family4K IPTV offers live channels from IPTV Australia and IPTV Ireland.

This is all about how to install Family4K App, if you have any questions or encounter difficulties in the process of using it, please feel free to contact us.

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