How to install and use IPTV ATV on Android phones or tablets?

With technology, some on-demand TV shows and movies are on our Android phones or tablets. But what about live TV? It’s pretty simple: you just need to install an IPTV application and an IPTV source on your Android phone or tablet.


IPTV ATV services can offer global channels, classified by country, including news, entertainment, sports, PPV, and other live channels, and they also offer a free 3-day trial and IPTV subscription.

What is IPTV ATV?

  • Exclusive Content ——IPTV ATV offers global channels by country, including news, entertainment, sports, PPV, as well as other live channels, including the UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, and others.
  • APK Installation —— IPTV ATV is an Android-based IPTV service that is fast and easy to set up
  • High-quality streaming —— stream is very stable with no freezes and no buffer channels.
  • Devices support ——IPTV ATV applications compatible with all Android TV boxes and Amazon’s Fire family of devices, including FireStick.
  • Free Trial By —— offers a 3-day free trial. Free tests can be performed before the subscription.
  • The TV Guide —— supports 3 EPG styles. Mesh EPG / Classic EPG / Regular EPG support.
  • DIY recording —— -IPTV ATV package with cloud PVR function (recording function, permanently stored in the cloud)
  • Catch Up TV —— IPTV ATV offers 7 days of Catch up (playback) capabilities to revisit more than 200 major channels and sporting events.
  • FAV – You can easily add your most watched channels to your favorites to access them faster and enhance your viewing experience.
  • The home package —— connects to up to 2nd / 3rd / 4th devices. So, while you watch sports events in the living room, your wife can watch the series in the bedroom.

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How do you install and use IPTV ATV on your Android phone or Tablet?

ATV IPTV is compatible with all Android devices, next we will explain step by step how to sign up for ATV, get a free trial of ATV and finally install ATV on your Android phone.

Step1: Set up your own account

1. Open the browser and enter the link: ‘https: / /’

2. Click on the “Registration” link at the top of their website


3. Click the “Register now” button


4. Under Create a New Account, enter your message —— Note You must enter the red asterisk of the message. Be sure to click the I Am No Robot check box and follow the instructions and click the Register button below


Note: Make sure that you have entered the correct email address. Create a password, remember it, and save it somewhere. If you are ready to renew or need your order information, activation code, etc. You need to log in to your IPTV ATV account.

Step2: Get the IPTV trial code

Okay, let’s get started. The first thing to do on an Android phone or Tablet is to open the browser and enter the IPTV ATV store address: “”

1. Log in to the IPTV ATV store account

2. Click “Subscribe” on the home page, we have

3 IPTV subscription packages, please choose your favorite IPTV plan


3. Get a 72-hour IPTV trial


Note: Note; the activation code is sent to your email after you subscribe. After your device fills in the activation code, you can watch your favorite TV program. Please confirm that your activation code is the same as the APK download version. If you encounter problems, please contact customer service promptly.

5. View the free trial code, please check out your trial code, MY ACCOUNT-Order-CODE, in the user center

Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources on an Android phone

By default, Android devices are set to only allow app installations from the Google Play Store. However, in order to install apps from other sources, such as the ATV IPTV app, you need to enable Unknown Sources in your device’s settings. Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1. Open the “Settings” app and select the “Apps & notifications” tab on your Android Phone.
  • 2. Select the “Advanced” section, then choose “Special app access.”
  • 3. Next, go to “Install unknown apps,” then select the desired app.
  • 4. Finally, toggle the switch to allow installation from unknown sources, you can now install apps from
  • 5. sources other than the Google Play Store.

Note that enabling Unknown Sources can potentially expose your device to security risks, so be sure to only install apps from trusted sources. After installing ATV IPTV or any other third-party app, you may want to disable Unknown Sources again to keep your device secure.

Step 4: Step by step to install ATV IPTV on Android Phone

ATV IPTV offers three different IPTV apps – ATV App, ATV Plus App, and Sub-Device App – depending on your subscription package. Here’s how to install the ATV app on your Android phone:

  1. Open your phone’s web browser.
  2. Type in the download link for the ATV App that corresponds to your subscription package. You can find the download link here.
  3. Once you have the correct download link, tap on it to start the download
  4. You may receive a warning message that the app may harm your device, but don’t worry – ATV IPTV is a safe and legitimate app. Tap on “OK” or “Install” to continue.
  5. Once the download is complete, tap on “Install” to start the installation process. You may need to grant permission to your phone to install apps from unknown sources.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  7. Once the installation is complete, you can open the ATV IPTV app and log in using your subscription code.

Please make sure you download and install the same version as the free trial or subscription code you receive to activate the device later. Download and install the correct IPTV Apk version to your device from here:

1. IPTV ATV code with blue Apk,

2. IPTV ATV Plus code with red Apk.

Just open the IPTV ATV device homepage. Click on Settings, please enter the activation code in your Apk

Now you can enjoy all the information about IPTV ATV services on your phone!


Note: -Please login and download, please install the correct version of the APK

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Now, you can watch your favorite programs or sports events using IPTV ATV on your Android phone or Tablet. If you use other equipment, you can find tutorial articles on the website or consult customer service.

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