How to Enter the Adult Channels on ATV IPTV?

When you want to use IPTV ATV to watch adult channels, there is no adult channel! Please do not worry, for better protection, adult channels are locked by default, you need to enter a password to unlock the channel. Read on to learn how to unlock adult channels.


How to unlock an Adult channel? Get the IPTV Adult code?

You can permanently unlock adult channels, which are hidden by default.

Illustrated steps:

ATV IPTV, please follow these steps. STB/PAD Version:

1. Click Settings,

access- iviewhd-settings

2. Then go to Misc Settings and scroll down to A Switch,


3. And touch or tap the OK button on the remote. Input secret code â€œ3354”


Very good. Now you’ve unlocked the Adult channel.

How do I watch adult channels?

In the Live TV, Menu Scroll all the way down to XXX (Adults Channels)


Now select any Adult Channels and enter.

This is when the screen pops up and asks you to enter your password, you just need to enter the secret code “3354” again.


Once you do it you are in the Channel viewing it.

About IPTV Adult FAQ

1. What is ATV IPTV adult channel?

ATV IPTV adult channel is an IPTV channel service providing adult content.

2. Where can I watch the ATV IPTV adult channel?

The ATV IPTV adult channel can be viewed on IPTV-compatible devices, such as Android phones and Android TV boxes. You need to subscribe to the ATV service and install the appropriate APK app to watch it.

3. How much do I have to pay to watch the ATV IPTV adult channel?

All you need to do is choose the ATV IPTV subscription plan that works for you and choose to pay a one-time fee to enjoy the IPTV adult channel. There is no extra charge.

4. What kind of IPTV adult content does ATV offer?

ATV IPTV offers a wide range of adult content including adult movies, adult TV, and more. This content is only suitable for adults over the age of 18.

5. What kind of Internet speed do I need to watch the IPTV adult channel?

In general, you’ll need a download speed of at least 25 Mbps to stream HD video.

6. How can I protect my privacy and security?

First, you should use a secure network connection to access the IPTV adult channel. Second, you should avoid using public WiFi networks, as these may not be secure. Also, you should protect your ATV account with strong passwords and change them. Finally, do not share your ATV account information or subscriptions with anyone.

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