How to install IPTV ATV on a Smart TV?[2024]

As the IPTV services are loved and used by the general public. Smart TV has become a popular network TV for IPTV services. Among them, the Android Smart TV is the most popular. In this textbook, I will show you some steps on how to install IPTV services on a Smart TV.


What is an IPTV?

The IPTV app allows us to watch live and non-live TV streaming on various platforms. If you have an Android Smart TV, then, the IPTV ATV is the ideal choice. The IPTV ATV is available for Android systems. As a result, you can access all the IPTV channels of the ATV services, including live channels and VOD channels, on an Android Smart TV.

How to install the IPTV ATV on a Smart TV machine?

The process of configuring an IPTV on an Android Smart TV is very simple. Follow the following step-by-step tutorial to install the IPTV on a Smart TV. To ensure your device is compatible with streaming IPTV, you need to make sure your Smart TV is Android.

Step 1: Download the application

1 # Allow / enable applications from an unknown source in your Smart TV Settings.


2# Search ATV IPTV Free Trial directly in your browser. Go to the page to get the test code.

3 # Scroll to the download interface, select the APK for your subscription package and download the corresponding version in red or blue.

There are three versions of the download links:

ATV App(blue):

ATV Plus App (red):


Note: Make sure your download version is the same as the free trial or subscription version you received.

Step 2: Start the application

1 # Open the downloaded APK file and install it.


2 # Installation ended. Click on the app to open it.


Step 3: Activating the configuration application

1 # Open the ATV App home page.


2 # Click the “Setup” button to enter your IPTV subscription code and you will get it when you purchase the subscription.


Note: Note; the activation code is sent to your email after you subscribe. If you encounter problems, please contact the customer service in time.

The IPTV ATV installation on Smart TV has been completed. Now you can watch all your favorite programs on the Smart TV in HD picture quality, and you can use the remote control to view the channel, enjoy it!


That’s a simple tutorial for installing IPTV on an Android TV. By installing IPTV ATV, you can watch live streaming of your favorite channel on your Android Smart TV. For further inquiries and feedback, please feel free to comment below.

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