Download and install the IviewHD IPTV APP

Get a free IPTV test or subscribe code by downloading and installing the IviewHD IPTV APP. Enjoy live channels, sports events, and VOD movies from around the world. Installing our APP on your device is actually very simple. It only takes a few simple steps to complete.
Here you can check out our relevant installation guides and tutorials. whether you are using Android TV, TV box and phone/firestick, or Nvidia Shield. These are compatible with our IPTV service. install the APP so that you can run our IviewHD IPTV service in no time.



IviewHD Apk for STB

Android TV / TV Box

IviewHD Apk for PAD

Android Phone / Pad / Tablet

IviewHD Download link for Firestick:



IviewHD Plus Apk for STB

Android TV / TV Box

IviewHD Plus Apk for PAD

Android Phone / Pad / Tablet

IviewHD Plus Download link for Firestick:

Sub-Device Apk

Sub-Device Apk for STB

Android TV / TV Box

Sub-Device Apk for PAD

Android Phone / Pad / Tablet

Sub-Device Download link for Firestick:

Comparison of IviewHD IPTV APP

 IviewHD Apk for STBIviewHD Apk for PADIviewHD Plus Apk for STBIviewHD Plus Apk for PAD
Supported DevicesAndroid TV & TV Box / FirestickAndroid Phone & Pad & TabletAndroid TV & TV Box / FirestickAndroid Phone & Pad & Tablet
1300+ Live TV
3000+ VOD
EPG (TV Guide)
Grid EPG×××
Classic EPG××
Normal EPG
VOD with Valued Sport××
7 Days Catch Up××
Cloud PVR××
Download linkClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here
SubscribeOrder NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now

IviewHD IPTV Activation Video Tutorial

In this video, you can quickly register, obtain, download, and activate IPTV codes on your Firestick device. Allow you to enjoy the Best Premium UK PTV live channels and sporting events.

IPTV Install Tutorials


Android TV / Android TV Box


Firestick / Fire TV

Smart TV (Android OS)


Android Phone / Tablet

Nvidia Shield

Formuler TV Box


IviewHD can run on Android Devices like Android Smart TV. Samsung Phones, PAD, Tablet, Android TV Box, FireStick, FireTV, Shield TV, NVIDIA SHIELD box, Formuler OTT, Formuler TV Boxes, Enimga2 DVB Boxes, and so on.

You can download and install the APP on the official website.

The IviewHD IPTV APP is a standalone APK application and cannot be used as other IPTV players. The intelligence is used on the specified IPTV service.

First, you need to get an activation code from the official website.
Then install the APP that matches the device and activation code on the download page.
Finally, open the activation page and enter the activation code to use.
1. It does not support M3U files.
2. It does not support MAG250 and PC right now.
3. Our IPTV can run on Android devices. After installing our app, fill in the subscription code, then can run.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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