IPTV Subscription: IviewHD IPTV Advanced Enlightenment Guide

Do you know anything about IPTV Subscription? Do you know why so many people like IPTV Subscription? IPTV  Subscription are ubiquitous in people’s lives today. If you choose the right IPTV subscription, it can be profitable for you. It can bring fun to your life. Allows you to watch your favorite live channels, premium channels, sports events, TV movies, and more from around the world.


What is IPTV?

IPTV is Internet Protocol TV, a service that delivers content to your device over the Internet. You can watch live TV and video-on-demand content on your device. IPTV services are distributed by service providers to provide live TV programs. or on-demand video content over IP networks.

Unlike traditional satellite and cable TV, IPTV works and is less limited than traditional TV. It allows the integration of TV with IP-based services. You can install and use it anywhere, as long as the Internet supports it. Watch your favorite live shows anytime, anywhere.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV has a dedicated hosting network of its own, so it is more stable than online streaming lives viewing.

The action state of IPTV is different from that of traditional cable TV, which reaches users by sending analog signals.

IPTV, but, is Internet protocol-based television, which delivers content to your device over the Internet. In this case, you need a good, advanced network so you don’t get a buffering jam while watching live. Besides, IPTV users can watch live and that content on any device and many devices.

The future of IPTV Subscription?

Since 2019, IPTV has had a market value of $40 billion. It is expected to grow by 17% between now and 2026, according to relevant tips. In recent years, most people have ditched cable and said goodbye to traditional satellite and cable TV. If you want to choose the best IPTV subscription. Then you have a lot to think about.

What do I need to know before choosing an IPTV subscription?

Before choosing an IPTV subscription, you need to know the following:

1. You need to have a high-quality VPN, considering that some live channels in your country may be limited, so you need to use VPN.

2. High-quality network, ensure that when watching IPTV subscription service can be close to zero buffer. have obtained the high-quality video.

3. You need to consider the cost of the IPTV subscription.

4. Which countries can this IPTV provide me with channels?

5. What devices are supported and how many devices can be connected at most?

6. Functional issues, what are the functional services?

7. What about the quality of customer service?

8. Do you offer a free trial? Is it easy to install?

9. And more…

How much does it cost to choose an IPTV subscription?

Before you can choose an IPTV subscription that is right for you, first you need to know the average cost of subscribing to an IPTV service.

Many people may interpret the price of an IPTV subscription package as a cost. but this is not the entire cost of choosing an IPTV subscription service. If you plan to set up an IPTV subscription service on your TV, you will need to buy an more set-top box to connect to your device over the network. Also for this, you need to buy a fixed-quality network. That’s broadband Internet.

Of course, in some countries and regions, even if you subscribe to IPTV. Some channels will be restricted in the local area, in this case, you need to choose a good VPN to use. Buying an IPTV subscription costs about $10- $20 a month, plus other costs. Here’s what you need to know.

If you prefer to use mobile devices, install an IPTV subscription service on your phone. All you need to do is search the app store or your browser to download the IPTV application and install it. But, this will use your traffic. This includes the network you need to use when watching live broadcasts. It’s all cost.

Is it easy to install an IPTV subscription?

After purchasing an IPTV subscription, we then install IPTV on our own suitable devices. For a non-technical person, you may encounter some problems when trying to install IPTV. If the app you download has a standalone APK, it’s a simple two or three steps.

All you need to do is download the APK program that matches your device. then select the IPTV subscription package you purchased, install and activate it. With this in mind, you’ll find that it sounds simple, but some users will have some problems in practice. For example, wrong version, code does not work, how to use EPG…

If you need a third-party app to install your IPTV subscription service. it’s important to know that you need to download the player you want in the app store or elsewhere. Then, you need to get the M3U or MAC link and related information from the IPTV subscriber. Then install it.

This may sound like an easy thing to do, but IPTV users often have problems installing IPTV. But, you can solve them by searching Google or YouTube. Then you’ll follow the video step by step. But there is a good solution, which is to contact customer service. A high-quality IPTV subscription service provider generally will help customers solve the relevant problems. They will provide tutorials, installation videos, and regular FAQs…

that with these, installing an IPTV subscription is a piece of cake. Here’s a quick read on how to buy an IPTV subscription and how it works.

How do I buy and install an IPTV subscription?

First, you need to have a clear choice and lock in the best IPTV subscription service. you choose an IPTV service that suits you. If you are a sports fan, then you need to consider the functionality, how many valuable sports channels, and live channels. If you are a movie fan, then you need to consider how many movies, TV shows, variety shows and so on the service.

At this point, you have paid $10- $20 per month for an IPTV subscription. So, if you’re setting up IPTV on your TV, you’ll definitely need a set-top box and a connection to the network to use your IPTV subscription. Without further ado, let’s get into setting up an IPTV service and choosing an IPTV set-top box as well as buying an IPTV set.

Select IPTV set-top box

Unless you own a smart TV, you will need an IPTV set-top box to start your IPTV on your TV. At present, the better box on the market must be an Android set-top box. It supports all IPTV playback apps in the Google App Store and has a wide range of use.

There are also plenty of Android TVS on the market, and you can buy a set-top box for upwards of $50+. And spread the live content you want on your TV over an Internet connection. So how do you install an IPTV subscription service on your TV? Please look down!

Note: Before we learn how to install IPTV on Android TV, we first need to choose the best IPTV subscription service.

Best IPTV subscription – IviewHD IPTV


Iviewhd IPTV is the best UK IPTV subscription service in the UK, with over 7 years of high-end servers and excellent customer service. Available from the UK, Australia and European countries live channel 1300+, VOD video on demand 3000+. Has 200+ valuable sports channels. Free trial for 3 days.

IviewHD IPTV Features:

1Channel/VODLive channel 1300+, VOD movie 3000+Learn more
2IPTV free trialFree 3 day trial, no credit card required.Learn more
3Catch up/PVROffers 7-day catch-up and cloud PVR recording. You can go back to any time in the past 7 days to watch your favorite shows, and you can save them to the cloud forever. Learn more
4EPG guideProvides three modes of EPG guidance.Learn more
5FAV setHas the latest FAV program favorites set function.Learn more
6Equipment compatibilityIt works on all Android devices.Learn more
7Family Package SubscriptionChoose the family plan subscription, can be multi-device multi-room sharing, connected to 4 devices at the same time. Save 60% on subscriptions.Learn more
8Customer serviceExcellent customer service 99.99%, 7/24h support.Learn more

IPTV subscription plan

Iviewhd IPTV has 3 IPTV subscription plans.


On which devices can IPTV subscription be used?

Iviewhd IPTV supports all Android devices, and you can use it on most of them. Such as Android phones, smart TV, Android Box, Firestick, Nvidia Shield…

The Amazon Firestick is by far the most popular device for streaming IPTV because it’s cheap and easy to jailbreak.

In short, IPTV supports many devices, so while you’re watching from your living room. your family can use another device to enjoy the exact same service in the room. When you are on a business trip. You can even get an IPTV subscription while you’re on the road.

IPTV Subscription tutorial on an Android TV box

Most IPTV on the market work with Android devices. As I mentioned above, the best IPTV subscription is IviewHD IPTV. Next, I’ll show you how to install IviewHD IPTV on your Android TV.

Step 1: Register the IviewHD IPTV account and get the IPTV subscription code.

First, you need to go to the IviewHD IPTV website, register an account, and buy an IPTV subscription plan. Choose your subscription plan as appropriate. You can choose a 1/3/6/12 month IPTV subscription. After buying, your subscription code will be sent to the email address of your registered account.

Note: If the mailbox does not receive the activation message. Go to My Account — My Orders — View Order — SKU (That is your Subscription code)

Or check your email/Spam. The subscription is sent to your email .

Step 2: Download IPTV to your Android TV box.

1. Open your device and click the Settings button in the upper right corner.

2. Swipe down, locate and click Security and Display.

3. Open “Unknown Sources“, Choose On, Then select OK.

4. Go to the browser page, search iewihdiptv.com, and find the APK download page.

Note: If your previous buy was the Plus version, then you will download the Plus version of the Android Box APK.(PLUS:https://www.iptvapkdownload.com/app/stbivpr).

5. Go back to the main page and click “Explorer“.

6. Click on the Download folder and find the IviewHD app you downloaded.

7. Click Install.

Step 3: Activate IPTV Subscription.

1. Open IviewHD APK.

2. Click on the home screen Settings, then click on Account to enter the activation code.


. You have now activated IPTV on your Android TV box. You can enjoy it!


If you want to get a free trial of IviewHD first, you can try its free test before choosing an IPTV subscription.

Click here for a detailed video tutorial on how to install IviewHD on an Android device.


With this article, I hope you have a good understanding of the definition of IPTV and how to choose an IPTV subscription service that is right for you.

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