#1How to watch IPTV on your Phone?

With iView IPTV, you will not feel the need to have a cable or Dish TV connection. iView IPTV service can provide most of the features of cable TV, but it only needs a small part of the price.

The user interface is also super friendly, and you can easily navigate through the app.
The TV channels are distributed in different languages based channels like English, German, Greek, and more.

The channels are also categorized into different genres, and you can choose the one that you want to watch such as entertainment, sports, news, etc. There are separate categories for religious and children’s programs as well.

The content is almost overwhelming. All of this is supplied by iView IPTV to your home TV in HD quality via my android device.

watch iptv on your android phone

If you have an Android Mobile Phone, then you must consider using this app.
Using this app requires a subscription code, This guide show you how to get an IPTV Trial code and install IPTV on android Phone & Pad

How to use IPTV on your phone

step1:Through the browser visits the iview IPTV Website

step2:Set up your own account

step3:Select the version of APK to which you subscribe and open the download page

step4:Install the APK you downloaded

step5:After opening the application, you need to enter the subscription code, which can be found in your Purchase. How to get a free trial or subscription

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How to install and use IPTV on the Android Phone & Pad?

Chapter 1 Set up your own account

1. Click Here to Visit iViewTV  

2. Click the ‘Register’ link at the top of their website

New User registration

3. Click the “Register now” button

register now

4. Under ‘Create A New Account’, enter your information – notice the red asterisks where info must be entered. Be sure to click the check box for ‘I’m not a robot’ and do as instructed
Click the ‘Register’ button below

Registration Information
Check the“ I’m not a machine“ button

Note: Make sure you entered your correct email address. Create a password, remember it, and save it somewhere. If you are ready to renew or need your order information, activation code, etc. You will need to log into your iView IPTV My account.

Chapter 2 Get an IPTV trial code

Ok let’s dive straight in, the first thing you will want to do on your Android Phone or Pad is to open your browser and type in the iView IPTV store address. https://iptviview.com

  1. Sign in iView IPTV store account

2. Click ” subscription ” on the home page,  We have 3 IPTV Subscription Packages please choose your favorite IPTV plan

iwiewTV free trial or subscription

3. Get 72 hours of IPTV trial

Click the button to get a free trial

note: Get IPTV trial code – iview HD or iview HD Plus& iView TV Plus Sub-Device, My system will auto send IPTV Subscription/trial code to your email or iview Website account. See ‘SKU / IPTV CODE’. This is your Activation Code needed for the app after it’s installed on your device. You must enter the code into the app, this will connect the app to the iView TV IPTV service, making it easy for you to watch TV online

5. Check free trial code, Please check your trial code in the user center, MY ACCOUNT-My Orders-View Order-SKU / IPTV CODE

looked for the code in my account

You can see our guide on How to get IPTV for Free here

Chapter 3 Install and activate the IPTV Subs code on Android Phone & Pad

  1. Please download and install the correct IPTV Apk version to your device from here:
    iView HD code with Blue color Apk,
    iView HD Plus code with Red color Apk.
  2. Click Settings, Please input the activation code in your Apk to open the channels.

3. enjoy it!

Check out iview IPTV and start a free trial here.


  1. Please login then Download, Do please install the correct version of APK
  2. You can check your IPTV subscription code in your user center: MY ACCOUNT-My Orders-View Order-SKU / IPTV CODE
  3. Some important sports channels may be blocked in iView IPTV trial codes, but all open in iView IPTV subscription codes.


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